Clinical Psychology is a mental health service provider specialty that helps emotionally troubled individuals adjust to life. Clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose, anticipate, prevent, and treat psychopathology, mental illnesses, and other individual or group issues in order to promote behavior adjustment, adaption, personal effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Psychological Testing:

A correct diagnosis is essential for effective intervention and recovery. Further intervention is based on an assessment of psychological dimensions such as an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. These tests and assessments are administered by certified clinical psychologists who administer, score, and interpret the tests and meticulously create profiles for individuals in order to provide a clear diagnosis, insightful observations, and a solid foundation for subsequent therapy.

Here are some examples of possible tests:

  • WISIC, WAIS, MISIC, K-B, and other IQ tests
  • Neuropsychological tests (e.g., WMS, Nimhans Battery)
  • Personality tests (MMPI, MCMI-III, and so forth)
  • ROR, CAT, and TAT are examples of projective approaches.
  • Behavior rating scales for different disorders (anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, autism, and so on)


Psychotherapy and Counseling:

Psychotherapy is a procedure that involves boosting an individual’s sense of well-being and minimizing subjective distress. Psychotherapy aims to solve or assist individuals in solving problems by providing greater insight into their own and others’ personalities. We use a variety of strategies centered on experiencing connection-building, discussion, communication, and behavior modification to enhance the patient’s mental health.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

Cognitive therapy is problem-solving in nature and focuses on current thinking, behavior, and communication rather than previous experiences. Cognitive therapy has been used to treat a wide variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety, eating disorders, substance misuse, and personality disorders.

Behavior Therapy:

We may have habitual reactions to a circumstance that is debilitating and detrimental at times. Behavior therapy will assist you in putting things into proper perspective and allowing you to think clearly and decisively. When behavior changes, feelings change, according to this viewpoint. Most successful with individuals who have substance abuse issues, such as alcoholism, nicotine addiction, and drug misuse connected with various types of substances.

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy):

REBT, one of the most pioneering therapies of recent times, focuses on having rigid irrational beliefs that cause psychological discomfort. The therapy stands out with its focus on understanding the client’s unhealthy negative emotions (anger, anxiety, fear, depression) and trying to modify them to more adaptive healthy negative emotions (irritation, concern, sadness). REBT with its behavioral and cognitive techniques is the easiest and the most effective therapy in solving the recent disturbing problems of life.

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy:

With Exposure and Response Prevention, a CBT-trained mental health practitioner leads a series of controlled ERP sessions with a patient who has OCD. The therapist progressively exposes the client to events that trigger his or her obsessions and compulsions throughout these sessions. Over time, the individual learns to respond differently to these triggers, resulting in a decrease in the frequency and intensity of compulsions and obsessions. OCD symptoms are frequently so subtle that they may be disregarded; in other cases, they completely disappear.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy:

DBT is a treatment that aims to help people modify ineffective patterns of behavior such as self-harm, suicide ideation, and drug misuse. This technique aims to help people improve their emotional and cognitive regulation by teaching them about the triggers that cause reactive moods and assisting them in determining which coping skills to use in the chain of events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to undesirable behavior. DBT considers that individuals are doing their best but are hindered by either a lack of skills or by positive or negative reinforcement that interferes with their performance.

Family Therapy:

Our lives and way of existence revolve around our families. However, it can occasionally become a breeding ground for numerous disputes. Family therapy is a sort of psychotherapy that assists individuals within a family in understanding and improving how family members communicate with one another and resolve disputes. Family is also an important element of the team that helps an individual with an emotional/behavioral condition get well; it may be beneficial for family members to understand what their loved one is going through, how they can cope, and what they can do to help.

Premarital and Marriage Counseling:

We understand that marriage is a significant occasion in one’s life. As a result, we do all in our power to help you as a couple through the upcoming marriage, sex, family planning, and interpersonal connections. We also try to provide some rules for coping with marital troubles. While we do not provide magical answers, we do assist you in putting your concerns into perspective so that you may deal with the situation more effectively. This sort of therapy assists wives and partners in comprehending why their loved one is depressed, what adjustments in communication and behavior might help, and what they can do to cope.

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